See what some of our parents have to say about the Nature Nurture programs.

Teacher Linda is a gentle, loving soul who knows the value of imparting a love of and respect for nature to young children.

Sarah M.

Linda is an incredible teacher and a lovely role model for children.

Kelly O.

Outdoor camp with small class sizes, that instill teaching good character behavior to all, including yourself, and all living things.

Katie S.

A place where kids can explore nature, get dirty at the same time as learning to be respectful of others.

Emma B.

It is a special outdoor program (emphasis on "outdoor") where my daughter gets individualized attention while exploring and learning about good character.


Nature Nurture teaches our children how to respect themselves, others and all of creation, while building good character through problem solving and making the right choices.

Jill C.

Nature Nurture is the best! The teachers are warm, loving and caring. The kids get exposure to nature and the outdoors in a different way than parents do provide. They also focus on healthy habits and good character that we love. Having a space in the NN class is such a privilege!

Nancy M.

Nature Nurture creates a safe space for kids to learn about themselves, each other and Nature in a very caring, fun, upbeat and organized way.

Rick M.

Nature Nurture is a program that encourages exploration outside, learning outdoors. I chose it because I thought it would be good for my super girly girls and had heard nice things about the program from other parents.

Juliana M.

We chose NN because it was recommended to me. Our son plays around in nature, learns about nature and what it means to be a good character.

Kelly D.

We are so thankful our daughter is a part of your program – much of who she is stems from your character building and respect for all – a HUGE thank you. Can’t wait for more fun ahead.


I really like the personalized attention the children are able to receive in a small class setting. Even if a similar ratio of leaders-children is kept in a larger class, more bodies = more noise = more distraction = less connection.

Rebekah D.

I love the fact that the children get to explore outside (which they don’t get to do a lot of in their pre-school environment). I also love that their outdoor play is not solely sports related which is our typical outdoor activity.

Linda B.

The main reasons we choose Nature Nurture for our children were a) the class size is small, b) there is a lot of direct contact between Teacher Linda and the students, c) the focus on the class was centered on respecting other people as well as respecting nature and our natural surroundings.

Steve J.

Nature Nurture is a special class where your kids explore the outdoors and all its wonders. It teaches children to respect and appreciate nature. And the children find ways to connect with nature in age appropriate and clever ways. I chose this program because it is unique and I wanted my child to experience nature within our urban setting.

Sarah C.

Wonderful teachers! Emphasis on character and personal responsibility. Nurturing environment.

Tina B.

It is a wonderful program that gives children a nice smaller environment, just 6 kids and great time outdoors exploring nature collecting leaves, bugs worms, etc.

Kerry H.

Other outdoor programs focus more on respecting our surroundings, using nature as a tool for play, exploration and learning. Nature Nurture does all that plus emphasizes the growth of individuals character through self-respect.


We are grateful to you for your guidance in teaching the boys how to respect themselves, each other and our environment, including the animals and plants that live in it. Problem solving and conflict resolution are key skills that we need to grow individually. Providing the boys with opportunities to practice these has enabled them to grown and learn.

All the moms in an all boys ROOTS class

I cannot say enough good things about this camp and Linda and her team. They were very attentive and caring to my 3.5 year old boy and knew exactly what to do to take good care of young kids! I will recommend them to anyone who has a small kid who likes to be outdoor. Thank you Teacher Linda and Pamela!

Hannah J.

We sent our daughter to Nature Nurture for the outdoor time in the Presidio (walks in the forest, digging for worms, dirt cakes- things we don't get so easily in an urban setting). But we ended up realizing it's sooooo much more! The small group setting allows for individual attention from the teachers, teaching the kids learn how to get along with others, respect feelings, manners and good behavior. The pace is slow (which is good in today's fast-paced world) and the teachers use responsive language, patience, respect and humor. Love it. Highly recommended.

Dana P.

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