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Linda Constant, founder and owner of Nature Nurture had a vision: teaching and practicing, along with a small group of young children, the concept of "honoring all living things, including others and our selves".

Constant designed and created Nature Nurture in order to provide guided, small-group nature adventures for young children, while gently, and with humor, reinforcing manners, etiquette, and proper behavior (at Nature Nurture, this is called, 'good character'). At the heart of the Nature Nurture philosophy, is respect and honor for each child's personality, style, pace, and age, as well as developmental stage.

In addition to manifesting that vision since 2004, and in keeping with her pioneering spirit of adventure, Constant took a leap of faith and intention when she moved from a half indoor, half outdoor program to an all-outdoor program. Constant's vision now includes classes (adventures) for ages 2-3s ('seedlings'), 3-4s and 4-5s (ROOTS) and Kindergartners, elementary school age and even teens as they take on roles as ‘teacher helpers’ (ages 5-6), 'Jr. CAMP Leaders' (ages 7-12) and Asst. CAMP Leaders (ages 13 and up). Constant has also intentionally added short-term programs (Mindful Adventures) and '1:1 time' with teacher Linda (also open to siblings any ages) that provide FUN, age-appropriate learning and life-skills and many more benefits for children to continue with Nature Nurture and which are in alignment with the mission of Nature Nurture: to provide children with hands-on, slow-learning, organic connections to and with the Earth, while mentoring them in the art of 'honoring all living things, including others and themselves'.

In Jan 2019, Constant was proud and excited to announce Nature Nurture's 1,100th child has now come through its program.

Gratefully and happily, Nature Nurture continues to be the manifestation of Constant's ever-increasing pioneering visions for children, families and our Earth.

Jill Garibaldi

Assistant Teacher

Jill was raised in Santa Rosa and inspired by her elementary school teacher, a Yellowstone National Park Ranger, that took her traditional classroom outdoors. This experience of learning in nature had a profound effect on her and inspired her to find a program where she could fulfill her passion to give children hands on experiences and adventures in nature.

Jill has a Bachelor of Science from Santa Clara University and is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. Jill’s background in child development entails five years of experience as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Our Lady of Angels Pre-School in Burlingame, California.

Jill feels blessed and honored to add Nature Nurture Substitute Assistant Teacher to her resume as she believes strongly in the program’s core values of respecting and honoring nature and each other as well as looking at the world with eyes of wonder and being humans of good character.

In the Fall of 2017, Jill became a permanent member of the Nature Nurture team. Jill is a great addition to everything Nature Nurture stands for: integrity, a peaceful manner, dedication to and respect for the children and their families and so much more. 

Pamela Apple

Assistant Teacher

Raised in San Francisco, Pamela combines her love of stones, trees, dirt, wind, clouds, sand, water, children, play, kindness and learning, in her role as assistant teacher at Nature Nurture.

Pamela has a daughter at the San Francisco Waldorf School who reminds her to be lighthearted and creative. She has a BA from UC Berkeley, painted at SF Art Institute and traveled to West Africa, Bali, Mexico and Europe. Pamela co-created the Educational Outreach Program, "Folk Art in the Schools", for the Museum of Craft and Folk Art where she worked for 18 years. She taught thousands of Bay Area K-8th graders to appreciate indigenous cultures from around the world, to explore beautifully hand crafted artifacts, and to express themselves by engaging in hands-on crafts and folk art projects. Pamela is also a trained yoga teacher.

Pamela is now one of Nature Nurture's substitute assistant teachers, and we are very grateful for any time she has to join our classes.

Jane Rollin

Assistant Teacher

Greetings to the Nature Nurture Community! My name is Jane and I am a passionate, playful, warm and nurturing woman who is excited and honored to be joining the Nature Nurture team as an Assistant Teacher. 

Raised in Midlothian, Virginia, I spent my childhood playing with my twin brother and older siblings outside and especially loved exploring the land on our family’s ranch every summer in Missoula, Montana. 

My 10 year plus experience working with children includes being:

a caregiver and nannying while in school at James Madison University where I earned a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Elementary Education.

a public school Advanced Academics 3rd grade classroom teacher in Northern Virginia for two years before deciding to make the trek across the country to join my twin brother in San Francisco. 

a nanny for a San Francisco family where I was able to relish in the natural exploration and wonderment in young children’s play and discovery. 

a preschool teacher for a San Francisco preschool

Before moving to San Francisco, and with the help of my father, I packed up my life in Virginia and drove cross country, stopping to camp and enjoy 16 of our beautiful National Parks along the way. That transition in my life brought me into deeper engagement with my relationship to the Earth, one that I continue to intentionally explore and deepen.

I continue to grow in awe of the tremendous learning that takes place in early childhood through explorative interaction with nature and play and it is with joy that I join Nature Nurture to continue my journey where my personal values are aligned with those embodied here, “honoring all living things, including others and ourselves.” 

Jean Craig-Teerlink

Assistant Teacher

I am overjoyed to join the Nature Nurture staff.
My relationship with Nature Nurture began in 1999 when a generous child-whisperer became my children’s nanny: Linda!
We have been in love with her ever since.

My pursuits are diverse, but unified in their dedication to discovery, community, beauty and creativity.  
Open mindedness and respect has been key to nurturing these relationships.

A few things about me:
Chicago native, lived in Boston and Basel, Switzerland, lives in Noe Valley 
Daughter of a Community Church Sunday School Director...hence, a frequent Sunday School teacher 
Mother of two working college graduates
Founder of and participant in a walking school bus at the San Francisco School 
T-ball coach
Zen Buddhist practitioner of 15 years
Whaleboat rower, runner and Presidio walker
Assistant Chair, Graphic Design at the California College of the Arts
Principal of Craig-Teerlink Design (

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